QUIZ 1     (REAL QUIZ 1)
Ch. 1 - review questions 3, 10 and 20. and exercises 1, 2, 6, 8, and 9 AND Ch. 2 - CheckPoint questions on pages 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29 .
Ch. 1 Exercises
1.  The  penalty is based on a word used in religious circles when someone is banned.  
2.    If it is a scientific hypotheses,  there is a test for wrongness. For example, in (a) can you can extract chlorophyll from grass and note its color  as a test for wrongness?  Is there a test fro wrongness for (b) and (c)?.
6. The Sunís radius is approximately 7 ī 108 m. The distance between the Earth and Moon is about 4 ī 108 m. So the Sunís radius is much larger, nearly twice the distance between the Earth and Moon. Does this surprise you ?
8. Yes, there is a geometric connection between the two ratios. Study  the sketch the sketch!   
9.  Would the  shadow  be longer on the smaller  planet ? On the smaller planet planet  would the angle of the pole would be greater relative to the sunlight.?  Would the ratio of the shadow to pole height would be greater than 1:8 as in the previous answer? Answer  yes or no and explain.

10. This is discussed for your enrichment. Outside science,. yes,  many examples abound in such areas as music, architecture, painting, poetry, and even an eloquent thought. This list is nearly endless.

Ch. 2 CheckPoints: See answers given with the CheckPoints.