QUIZ 5 Nota means none of the above.


The sample quiz below is under construction. Please keep checking back often to see the entire thing before the real quiz tomorrow.  
1. What would be the path of the earth if somehow all the gravitational forces on it vanished to zero?
a. parabola
b. straight line
c. hyperbola
d nota
2. What is stronger, the force of gravity on a piece of aluminum or a piece of  rubber of the same mass?
a. force on rubber piece
b. force on aluminum piece
c. both forces are the same
d nota
3. At the midpoint between the moon and Earth, which force has the larger magnitude on a space ship traveling between those two bodies: The force of the moon or the force of the Earth?  
a. force of the moon
b. force of the Earth
c. both forces have the same magnitude at the midpoint.
d. nota
4. A peanut  falls because of the gravitational force of attraction to the earth. How does the gravitational force attraction on the Earth to the peanut compare? 
a. It has a larger magnitude.
b. It has a smaller magnitude
c. It has the same magnitude
d. nota
5. In the previous problem, as the peanut falls, the Earth essentially does not move because 
a. The mass of the Earth is very large
b. The force of attraction on the Earth to the peanut is zero.
c. nota
6. Suppose you were on the Moon as part of a space exploration. Suppose  the Moon was  somehow shrunk to a smaller radius, with no change in mass, while you were standing on its surface. How would your weight on the moon change? 
a. it would increase
b. it would decrease
c. not enough information to answer this question
d. nota
7. If you were standing  in a freely falling elevator and you dropped your cell phone, the phone would
a. fall downward toward the elevator floor
b. hover in front of you
c. rise toward the elevator ceiling.
d. nota
8. In the previous problem, assume you are another observer at rest watching the elevator in free fall. From your reference frame, the magnitude of the gravitational force on the phone is
a. zero
b. not zero
c. nota
9. As the Earth spins, how many high tides are there during one revolution?  
a. one
b. four
c. two
d. nota
10. The value of g is about 9.8 m/s2 at the Earth's surface. What is the value of g at a distance of twice the Earth's radius from the center of the Earth?  
a. 4.9 m/s2
b. 2.45 m/s2
c. 19.6 m/s2
d. nota
11. Two planets are separated by a distance D and  the magnitude of the force of attraction between them is  F. If the distance between the planets is decreased by a factor of 2, the magnitude of the force of attraction will be
a. 2F
b. F/2
c. 4F
d. F/4
e. nota